Hello my name is Ashley and together with my husband and a few hard working team members, we’re Foundery South. This humble creative company is a tribute to my creative roots, pursuit of beauty in spaces, furniture and flowers and southern hospitality.

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I credit my creativity and eye for potential to my grandparents.  Mary Lou was an interior decorator in the Midwest with a knack for pulling a house together, served McDonalds Big Macs on china and maintained a persistent mischievous look and twinkle in her eye. Robert was an entrepreneur in the wild west film industry and an expert at telling people what to do. And then there was Emerson a kind, hard working and talented commercial artist and painter.

Take these roots and throw in a lifetime spent mostly in the south and this is what you get. A creative business woman who wants to spend her time helping friends, family and clients find beauty in their lives, homes and events so they can share it with others.

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We offer a variety of creative services including:

  • Floral and Event Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • DIY Project Planning and Execution Assistance

To setup a consultation, you may complete our contact form or reach out to us directly at FounderySouth@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!